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Has your personal portfolio management turned into a roller-coaster ride? If it hasnít, are you afraid that it might?

We offer unbiased, fee-based Investment Management & Trust advice. We may be able to develop a plan that will take some of the jitters and twists out of your financial life.

Our Investment and Trust Services: An Introduction

Some investors believe that it is important to maintain control over their investments, confident that they can make informed decisions. Yet, understandably, in today's environment, they are often confused about where to find reliable information. Other investors, less confident of their investment skills, believe that it's wise to turn to financial advisors for trustworthy asset management.

Typically, we serve our asset-management clients as investment agent or as trustee under a revocable trust agreement. In practice, however, each of our clients is "special." We fit our services to the needs of the client. For example, you might need little more than a reliable source of investment bookkeeping today, but you might wish a much broader array of asset-management services when you retire and have new money to invest.

As a corporate fiduciary, we're dedicated to helping investors of all mindsets achieve their goals. Of course, we also provide traditional trust services, such as administering estates and managing trust funds for young or inexperienced beneficiaries. Our primary function, however, is helping people like yourself turn financial success into financial security.


We're here to help.

Whether you are an investor who just wants reliable, informed advice about the choices available to you, or someone who expects that an investment manager should be making the important decisions, we have a service tailored specifically to your circumstances.

For a FREE informational packet or to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, please contact your local Northwest banker or trustops@nwbcorp.com

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